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Currently I'm training for field hockey, failing to write college essays, and sleeping either way too much or not enough.


My dad got my mom this watch when she first got hired at the hospital. She used to say it was the only thing in her marriage that ever worked. 

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I got the message. I get it loud and clear everyday.

Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.

Lost. Haunted. Damaged. Crazy. Insane. Mystery. Gone.


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"What? No, I’ve never been under Scott's bed. Or in it. Just on it…wearing clothes.”

AU: After Allison’s death Stiles buries a tremendous amount of guilt that comes to light in his dreams. Every night it’s a different dream but they all have the same theme she’s haunting him reminding him that her death was all his fault. 

arrow + photographs

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Peter Jason Quill, he’s also known as Star-Lord.

Who calls him that?

Himself mostly.

Oliver Queen in suspenders appreciation post Arrow 2x08 ‘The Scientist’

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The Sass and Snark of Steve Rogers.

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∟usagitsukinos asked: oliver queen or john diggle?

isaac lahey + relationship development